Supplier Collaboration

Data-Driven Collaboration That Becomes Supplier Alliances

Building of Supplier Alliances: Supplier relationships operating in traditional, waterfall workflow silos are still common in manufacturing companies. The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes tend to follow strict parameters, with a flow that’s dependent on the preceding requirements. There’s no iteration. Any deviation from the path requires procedural approval that costs time and money. Following agile workflows…

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Supplier Relationship Improvement

Are you disengaged with your Suppliers…?

Reconfiguring Your Supplier Relationship Mindset Sometimes the tried-and-true becomes the tired-and-disengaged. Traditional Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tends to manage communication down a one-way street, from your company to the supplier. When supply runs low, your company orders, waits on signatures, approvals, and fulfillment schedules. Sales representatives visit your company on predetermined agendas. Drawn-out contract terms…

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Improve Supplier Relationships, NOW. Digitize and Simplify Supplier Related Transactions

In almost every business, internal transactions cover only part of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. Past a certain point, improving your own systems and records can only do so much when it comes to efficiency. If, for example, suppliers are not on the same page when it comes to purchasing and tracking, then it’s…

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Approval Routing

Imagine Replacing all Your Inefficient Approval Routing Processes with Something Better?

A Deeper Look at iApprove™ Capabilities – Approval Routing Processes with Something Better iApprove is one of the most powerful and comprehensive tools within the ISS Group’s Business Procurement Optimization software solution suite. A configurable rules-based Approval Routing and Buyer Alert solution, iApprove utilizes the ISS Group Advanced Approval Routing Technology (AART™) for routing of Approvals…

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Approval Control

Approval Routing: Hardwiring Approval Control into your Procure-to-Pay Workflow

Building the perfect procurement strategy takes careful consideration and planning. It’s a process that can take years of hard lessons learned and refining. Don’t overlook Approval Control into your Procure-to-Pay Workflow. Once you have everything tweaked to suit the needs of your operation, rolling out your approval process is the final piece that brings your…

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Core Steps of Procure-to-Pay

Presentation on Procure-to-Pay for QAD at Fall MWUG: How Somero Enterprises saved Thousands!

Digitize these 7 Key Process Activities   Download the presentation on the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process for QAD EA, presented by Sean Brown, IT Manager at Somero Enterprises, at the MWUG Conference October 9th in Grand Rapids, MI. To a packed session, Sean discussed what P2P is and the benefits of ‘Simplifying’ the Procure-to-Pay Process, reviewing…

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P2P Automation

Automation for Every Step of the Procure-to-Pay Process

Automation for Every Step of the Procure-to-Pay Process Adapting your organization to the modern business climate means automating and integrating your work flow. Automation saves valuable hours of manual work and lowers the cost of production for companies. Integration makes insight-rich information more readily available for making informed business decisions. That’s the accepted theory that’s behind the ongoing mass-migration to cloud-based,…

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Procurement Compliance

How Procure to Pay Solutions Drive Corporate Controls and Compliance for Modern Organizations

In the procurement space, organizational compliance, and adhering to strict spending caps is a challenge. Occasional noncompliance may seem harmless, but overspending becomes a problem when the economy becomes more volatile. We build spending caps into our work flow to avoid vulnerability to major swings in the economy, not for marginal profit padding when the…

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P2P Process

Simplicity…! Procurement Transparency and Efficiency with our P2P Solution

The Procure to Pay Process demands a huge amount of resources. Just putting together the basic pieces – RFQs, contract management, payment processing, and filing documentation – requires dedicated staff and a variety of software solutions. Add on top of that spending caps, regulatory compliance, and data collection for executive decisions and you get the…

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Innovation: Core benefits of ‘Simplifying’ Business Processes

Business Process Improvement (BPI) software solutions can propel your organization forward by combatting redundant work, increasing productivity, and motivating team members. BPI focuses on the business requirements of processes and uses technology to make it simpler while it also increases efficiency and allows for better collaboration of shared resources. At ISS, our goal is to…

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