iPurchase Punch-outs

eCommerce Shopping with all Major Suppliers (Punch-outs)

iPurchase, the ISS Group Purchase Requisition Management System, connects to the shopping web sites of any supplier that supports eCommerce. Your organization’s account with the supplier is recognized so that pre-negotiated and contracted prices for items are presented to the user. When a user orders items on the supplier’s website, his shopping cart is pulled back into iPurchase as a requisition for approval. Once these items are approved, a purchase order will be created in your ERP Solution.

How it works?

When the buyer adds items to the cart and proceeds to checkout, the cart is transferred back to iPurchase. The Punch-out is transmitted back in cXML to iPurchase where the buyer completes the requisition for e-procurement.

Our Approach

Our Punch-out gateway deals with all variating factors from trading partner to trading partner, which ultimately unifies the data in a consistent manner to and from iPurchase. As experts in B2B End-to-End Automation, our customers see enhanced efficiencies in exchanging purchase orders and invoices.


iPurchase Punch-outs support B2B commerce via cXML.

Below is a screen shot of punch-out suppliers ISS Group has configured for clients. This is not a complete list. ISS Group can configure punch-out for any supplier that supports eCommerce.