About ISS Group

ISS Group is a Premier  IT Developer and Implementer of Business Process Improvement (BPI) Solutions

about iss group

ISS Group delivers solutions which digitize business processes to connect people and processes via the cloud, mobile devices, and social networks, for Mid-market and Divisions of Fortune 1000 Manufacturing and Distribution organizations.

We assist organizations to improve efficiency, accuracy and collaboration of their business processes in Finance, such as Procure-to-Pay, HR, Operations, IT, Sales & Marketing, Administration and Logistics, which require visibility, compliance and automation via a ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing and Workflow technology. By utilizing a ‘layered’ rules-based technology, connectivity between people and business processes are significantly improved affording ISS Group’s Clients bottom line benefits such as:

  • Global Process Standardization
  • Reduced Process Cycle Time
  • Improved Process Visibility/Tracking
  • Implementation of Process Controls
  • Elimination of Paper Forms
  • Improved Workflow Productivity


Our vision is to expand upon our core principal in delivering the best solutions to meet the needs of our market and help to improve QAD related business transactions by developing our ‘Next Generation’ of Business Process Improvement solutions utilizing progressive technology such as Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Responsive Design for an enhanced User Experience.

All organizations need to manage their business process disciplines from procurement through handling of invoices and paying them, financial controls, employment engagement, operational monitoring….virtually all departments within an organization requiring broader management visibility.

Currently many organizations only have unsophisticated or partial tools to manage these processes and as a result many are faced with unmanaged, inefficient, manual and paper-based processes with poor internal visibility. ISS Group offers a uniquely complete approach for these challenges. Our goal is to enable our customers to manage and digitize 100 percent of their business processes and improve their carbon footprint by reducing paper usage.