User Training for the Adoption of New Technology

Training users is a critical but often overlooked step in the implementation process. ISS Group will offer training classes that encompass the day-to-day activities to help users accomplish their initial goals. ISS Group is all about flexibility and customization. The same standards apply in our training and support.

If you would like your internal IS staff to maintain, customize and grow your new custom application, we will provide knowledge transfer consulting. In contrast, if your IS team is overextended, we can provide total support with a combination of on-site consulting and remote access support from our offices in Sparta, NJ. But perhaps the most exciting feature of the support program is the training we provide to your staff in the tools needed to use, extend and customize this custom solution. The essence of the ISS Group model is simplicity and language that makes sense to non-technical personnel, while delivering a full training to the technical groups in the use of the tools and applications.