Disruption of the Supply Chain

How Procurement Leaders Can Weather the Costs and Process of Supply Chain Disruption

Are you a procurement leader? Struggling to mitigate the high costs and complexity of processes caused by supply chain disruptions? If the answer is YES, please read on…! Such risks as extreme weather, economic uncertainties, global pandemic, etc., have proven to be absolute threats to procurement and your supply chain. But the good news is,…

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Purchase Requisition Approval

The QAD Purchase Requisition Process….why should you automate?

Time-Consuming — When a QAD purchase requisition is created, it most likely needs to go through a ‘manual’ approval process and chances are that it will be delayed as there is no proper ‘structure’ put in place for faster approvals. Lack Of Policy Compliance — Even though organizations do have a purchasing policy, it may not be…

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Improve Your QAD P2P Process: End-to-End P2P Boosts Efficiency‎

Special Offer Minimum savings of over $10,000! * According to Aberdeen Group, “…despite the availability of technology that can drastically reduce the mountains of paperwork and inefficiencies plaguing accounts payable, few companies have addressed their end-to-end P2P process like other processes essential to their business. HOWEVER, 58% of Best in Class companies invest in ‘Approvals’ in PO requisition, invoice…

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