Defining Waterfall-Scrum Workflows for Your P2P Process – Part I

It’s no secret that manual Procure-to-Pay (P2P) costs sap efficiency and drain budgets. When supplier invoice approval and processing lags, it’s tough to get requisitions in on time, checked against contracts and paid. Automating your P2P processes and refining workflows are critical for efficiency, reducing waste, and for tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs). “More…

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Silhouettes of business partners moving gears inside an office

Innovation: Advancing Collaboration Through Business Process Improvement Solutions

Traditional human-centric collaboration involves employees working together, most often face-to-face, toward a common goal, sharing knowledge that evolves an issue toward some vested resolution. Collaboration infused with Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions takes that human-centric process and advances it into solutions that are both digitally innovative and collaborative. The resulting new paradigm engineers a co-creation…

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