How Improving Your Supplier Relationships Helps Client Quote Generation

Supplier relationships often dictate how effective your business actually operates. When you have sound and efficient supplier relationships, you get the supplies and services that you need quickly and affordably. When you’re relationships are on shaky ground, it results in bigger problems for your operations. Many of these problems will also start to impact your…

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Quote to cash with iquote

Drowning In Inefficiency? iQuote® Improves Your Quote-to-Cash Process

ISS Group’s web-based, iQuote® BPI software rids your company of the interdepartmental silos and disparate tools that notoriously create a lack of cohesiveness and functionality in your quote-to-cash process. Simplify. Drowning in inefficient processes doesn’t help your quote-to-cash ratio. iQuote‘s out-of-the-gate, bolt-on ERP system harnesses real-time QAD EA integration with powerful, configurable, rules-based workflow technology that gives you real-time control over pricing, discounts, internal…

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