Supplier onboarding is a strategic imperative for businesses for compliance and fraud prevention

Strengthening Supplier Onboarding: A Dual Focus on Compliance and Fraud Prevention

Supplier onboarding is not merely a logistical necessity; it’s a strategic imperative for compliance and fraud prevention for businesses across industries. To ensure seamless supplier integration while safeguarding against fraud, organizations are increasingly turning to approval-driven, highly vetted, fraud-resistant software functionalities with full audit trails of changes made to supplier files. In this article, we…

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ISS Group - Approval Routing

Solving Supply Chain Issues with Approval Routing Technology

Introduction: Streamlining Supply Chains with Approval Routing Technology Efficient supply chains are the backbone of any successful organization. To maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market, companies must find innovative solutions to tackle common supply chain challenges. One such solution is the implementation of approval routing technology, which revolutionizes the way businesses manage their…

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Data-Driven: QAD Business Process Solutions

Companies need to find ways to optimize their operations, cut expenses, and boost customer satisfaction if they want to stay competitive in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. Using comprehensive business process solutions like those provided by QAD is one of the most efficient methods to accomplish these objectives. This blog article will discuss the need…

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What is Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow?

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, time, accuracy, and efficiency are essential factors that determine the success of any business. The ability to quickly and accurately complete tasks while minimizing errors can make all the difference in achieving business objectives and staying ahead of the competition. Therefore, it’s critical for businesses to optimize their business processes,…

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Marriott Key Center

ISS Group Attending as Silver Sponsor at MWUG Conference Spring 2023

Morristown, NJ., March. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ISS Group, a premier IT Software Developer of Business Process and Internal Control solutions for QAD ERP, has announced their attendance as a Silver Sponsor of the Spring 2023 MWUG Conference, March 19-21, 2023, at the Marriott Key Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. Andrew Weinstein, CEO of ISS Group…

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Improving the QAD Procure-To-Pay Process

7 Steps to a Perfect Process Procurement managers know that the QAD procure-to-pay process is a critical part of managing your organizations spend. It is sometimes a challenging process because of the complex approval routings and workflows, and the involvement of myriad parties across departments. However, a methodical procurement process can automate these complex approval routings and…

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process automation

Process Automation for QAD ERP Internal Controls

Finance operations are being transformed by process automation in numerous ways. One of the most important facets of this transformation is in the area of internal controls. Modern finance teams can now strengthen their internal controls with automation, enabling them to enforce a standardized framework for all their processes. This allows the internal controls to function as intended– as…

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Benefits of automating the Approval Process for Life Sciences

The Benefits of automating the approval process for Life Sciences are numerous. Heavily regulated industries inherently have a lot of rules. The Life Science industries, including Medical Device, Biotech, and Pharma are no exception. Adhering to complex regulations requires significant amounts of administrative work to ensure that the proper directives are being followed. Extensive regulations also…

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Disruption of the Supply Chain

How Procurement Leaders Can Weather the Costs and Process of Supply Chain Disruption

Are you a procurement leader? Struggling to mitigate the high costs and complexity of processes caused by supply chain disruptions? If the answer is YES, please read on…! Such risks as extreme weather, economic uncertainties, global pandemic, etc., have proven to be absolute threats to procurement and your supply chain. But the good news is,…

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Purchase Requisition Approval

The QAD Purchase Requisition Process….why should you automate?

Time-Consuming — When a QAD purchase requisition is created, it most likely needs to go through a ‘manual’ approval process and chances are that it will be delayed as there is no proper ‘structure’ put in place for faster approvals. Lack Of Policy Compliance — Even though organizations do have a purchasing policy, it may not be…

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Procurement Management

Innovation in QAD Purchasing Management

Technology has the capacity to transform an organization, allowing it to become more innovative, agile, proactive, and responsive. The pandemic has accelerated the need for companies to step up the pace of their digital transformations, embracing technology in new and strategic ways.  Key areas where technology can make measurable advances are in Purchasing Management including Data-Driven Approval Routing and…

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QAD procurement

Boost Productivity in QAD Procurement with Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow

How do you boost productivity in QAD Procurement with Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow? Automation software has changed how we do business. Integration of this technology in the business environment is resulting in more efficient processes. In return, businesses are achieving higher levels of productivity and profitability. One such innovation is Data-Driven Approval Routing and…

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Internal Audit

How Approval Routing and Workflow of Business Processes Facilitates Audit Control

Audit control is the process of assuring companies aims and objectives are achieved in functional efficiency and effectiveness. It involves financial reporting and compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. So why is audit control necessary? It is necessary to trace discrepancies between operational processes and what they are meant to do. Once found, auditors advise…

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Automating business processes

Can you afford not to automate your business processes…?

Can you afford not to automate your business processes….? Everything is becoming faster and more efficient nowadays, so why shouldn’t business processes do the same? They can when using a Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow solution to improve business processes…. solutions that are already changing how businesses operate. Perhaps you have already had this on…

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Approval Routing and Workflow technology for QAD

Webinar: Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow Technology for QAD

How to Automate Approval Routing and Workflow technology for QAD Business Process Requests  Web Presentation: SIG and ISS Group, along with SI Bone will present a demonstration and Case Study on ISS Group’s ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing and Workflow Technology for QAD.  Hear how Craig Jones, Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at SI-Bone, is using this…

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Cut through the chaos

Software that automates Approval Routing / Workflows for QAD Process Requests

Software that automates Approval Routing / Workflow for QAD Process Requests Cut through the Chaos – ISS Group’s Approval Routing/Workflow (iApprove®) technology helps organizations reduce operational costs and improve employee satisfaction by providing request and approval process definition, approval workflow automation, and process visibility. ISS Group streamlines the approval process across all business areas, such as…

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negotiated price

4 Tips to Ensure Your Teams Using the Right Negotiated Price When They Order Supplies

Your business needs supplies, and when it comes to getting the said supplies, you must acquire the right quality, at the right time, and, most essentially, at the right price. However, when working on multiple projects or with multiple suppliers, ensuring you get your supplies at the right negotiated price can be challenging. The Difficulty…

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Approval Routing Case Study

Modular Assembly Innovations: Case Study on Data-Driven Approval Routing

Data-Driven Approval Routing: Processing QAD MRP Planned Orders & MRO PO Requisitions QAD User Group Fall Conference Session: A Case Study: Data-Driven Approval Routing – Processing QAD MRP Planned Orders & MRO PO Requisitions presented by Modular Assembly Innovations (MAI) business analyst Lori Braun and ISS Group’s CEO Andy Weinstein. The presentation provides an overview of the ISS Group ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing…

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Next wave of change in procurement

How COVID-19 is driving The Next Wave of Change in Procurement

The New ‘Business-Norm’ What is driving the Next Wave of change in Procurement? 1. Shift towards Business Process Automation and ‘Data-driven’ Approval Routing and Workflow. 2. Priorities of procurement leaders and their teams have rapidly shifted from running sourcing processes and negotiating contracts to partnering with business leaders so that they can immediately understand leaders’ requirements…

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4 Best Practices for Ensuring Procurement Compliance

Over the years, due to increased competition, the role of procurement and procurement compliance in the organizational ecosystem has evolved. Initially, companies employed a passive procurement approach, which was primarily a clerical function supporting the technical aspects of a company. This evolved into independent procurement, which had more focus on improving efficiency, then supportive procurement, which…

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Recorded Presentation: AP Automation for QAD: Touchless Invoice Processing

AP Automation for QAD: Touchless Invoice Processing Watch today to hear Sean Brown, IT Manager at Somero Enterprises explain how Somero has achieved a greater than 60% touchless invoice processing rate by using the  iVoucher™ AP Automation solution for QAD, and the benefits/ROI that accomplishment has generated. Learn why automated Line Item ‘pairing and matching’ with QAD PO/Receipts is…

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AP Automation solution

The Advantages of Seamless Integration to Your ERP System with an AP Automation Solution

ERP systems play a vital role in the enhancement of a business’s back office functions related to technology, human resources, marketing, manufacturing, finances, and much more. Many companies are realizing that the functionality of these processes can be further enriched by integrating their ERP software with automated (processes and systems largely operated by technology) solutions…

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Covid Support

We’re Here to Support You

Our community is truly a global one and we are grappling with the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. We wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and we hope that you all remain healthy and safe as we journey through this trying period together. In this time of great unknowns we want…

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Approval Routing and Workflow

Embracing Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow Automation in 2020

In today’s hyper-competitive business space, finding ways to cut down on waste while improving throughput is a critical component of remaining competitive. As companies continue to adopt lean principles and agile project management methodologies, the battle against revenue leakage has become a focal point of many companies’ goals in 2020. In this war against waste,…

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Supplier Channel

QAD User Supply Channel: 5 Ways on How Communication and Collaboration Can Improve Supplier Relationships

The Supply Channel is an organizations ‘life-blood’, and therefore the nature of Supplier Relationship is a huge determinant of the business’ chances to succeed. The output of the organization is, largely, dependent on the input, which is availed by the supplier. A business establishment ought to, therefore, put a great deal of effort in maintaining…

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Documnent Approval Routing

Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow for QAD Users | MWUG Fall 2019 Case Study

Sean Brown, IT Manager at Somero Enterprises presents Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow Download the session Presentation….click here Learn how Somero Enterprises uses the iApprove® Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow solution, which is seamlessly integrated with QAD EA, to manage transactions such as Sales Quotes, Machine Deviations and HR forms. New for 2020…. ISS Group…

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QAD Mid West Users Group

MWUG September 22-24th, 2019 | Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow for QAD Users

It’s that time of year again….! Data-Driven Approval Routing and Workflow for QAD Users Mark your calendars for MWUG’s Spring 2019 Conference, scheduled for September 22-24, 2019, at the beautiful new Renaissance Westerville in Columbus, OH. Case Study session: Presented by Sean Brown, IT Manger at Somero Enterprises, on Tuesday, September 24th, 8:30 AM. Download…

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Procurement Planning

How Timely Communication Saves You Expediting Costs

Expediting Costs: Expediting(1) is a process of procurement undertaken by businesses when they need to ensure the timely and quality delivery of material. The process involves a business contacting its supplier either for inquiries on the schedule of delivery or for a review of a delivery schedule due to a particular issue. When it comes…

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Procurement Budget

5 Reasons You Need a Procurement Budget and Tips for Making One

Procurement Budget: Budgeting, while many times painful, is among the most important aspects of an organization(1). In the past, the procurement department was not included in the budget-making process. It was not represented in organization-wide budget meetings. The role of procurement in budgeting was relegated to direct acquisition. However, currently, things are changing, and procurement…

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Red Flags of Procurement Fraud

QAD Midwest Users Group (MWUG) Featured Article: Beating Fraudsters at Their Game

Beating Fraudsters at Their Game: Insights on How Procurement Solutions Help to Curb Fraud (Published May 30th, 2019: MWUG Spring Newsletter) Fraud cases are on the rise. Today, many businesses fall prey to fraudsters, thanks to technological loopholes. Fraud has adverse effects on an enterprise regardless of the size. Among the main outcomes of fraud…

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vendor relationships

Procurement: 5 Ways to Actively Improve Vendor Relationships with Suppliers

As the operator or purchasing manager of a business, it is your responsibility to forge solid vendor relationships. Whether you have worked with a supplier for decades or are in the initial stages of building a relationship, there is always room for improvement in the vendor relations arena. Below are five strategies to help you…

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Vendor Relationships

7 Tips for Establishing Great Supplier Relationships

Many businesses strive to maintain good relationships with customers, however unfortunately forget their supplier relationships. They neglect suppliers and do not bother to establish good relations with them. Suppliers are a fundamental part of your enterprise that you should not overlook. Developing a great supplier relationship is a crucial part of business survival and success.…

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Approval Routing

How Dynamic Approval Routing Significantly Improves Procurement Processes

Upgrading procurement departments with innovative cloud solutions is a growing trend among modern enterprises; streamlining the approval process for procurement-related documents is a big reason why. In an effort to explain, let’s examine how dynamic approval routing significantly improves procurement processes.   P2P Software Market Growth Gartner shares some interesting details: The procure-to-pay suite market…

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How Technology Makes Building and Improving Supplier Relationships Simple

Technology has always been a part of building and improving supplier relationships with B2B partnerships; from the telephone to the fax machine, technology has helped businesses facilitate P2P processes and communications. This is still true today, yet the difference is the level of technology being used.   In particular, the rapid advances with online technology…

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3 Ways Digital Procurement Solutions Expand Market Reach

Expanding you market reach with Digital Procurement While most modern B2B businesses are focusing on using digital technology to automate production, distribution, and client management processes, their procurement processes often remain stuck in analog mode. The immediate benefits of digitizing P2P processes, or digital procurement, may be harder to quantify than upgrading an assembly line…

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How Effective Communication Improves Supplier Relationships

    The value of effective communication with your suppliers cannot be reinforced enough. Just as strongly as poor communication techniques can harm your business, effective communication can give you a major advantage. Integrating effective communication techniques will help develop strong supplier relationships by promoting trust, improving risk management, and supporting long-term goals. Build Trust…

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Supplier Collaboration

Optimizing Supplier Relationships by Improving Collaboration

The concept of improving supplier collaboration to improve those relationships isn’t a complex mystery, although achieving this common industry objective may seem to be at times. After a certain amount of collaboration fails, CPOs might finally ask: Is it as simple as upgrading AP departments and end-to-end P2P processes with automated digital solutions in the…

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Supplier Related Transactions

3 Benefits of Digitizing and Simplifying Supplier Related Transactions

As markets connect on a world-wide level and technology continues to rapidly progress toward digital automation, businesses are constantly adapting to keep pace with the changes. In the process of this adaptation, businesses must be shrewd when choosing solutions; enterprise level organizations have the most to gain from streamlining their P2P processes, yet also the…

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How Lean, Agile Supplier Relationships Improve Client Quote Generation

Manufacturing companies that operate their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes so that Supplier Relationships are collaborative, data-driven, strategic alliances improve client quote generation. They are lean, strong, agile supplier relationships that aren’t siloed to strict, expensive parameters. They develop with trust and time through transformative iterations that eliminate unnecessary processes, so your quotes aren’t ambiguous and give…

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Tail spend

How Efficient, Collaborative Supplier Relationships Improve Maverick Spend

Maverick spend doesn’t promote efficient Procure-to-Pay processes or strategic supplier relationships since it takes purchasing outside the realm of your company’s e-procurement system. It doesn’t promote contractual compliance and it undermines trust and transparency. Whether you call it maverick, indirect, rogue or tail spend, “it’s the same challenge and leads to the same results–wasted money…

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How Lean, Agile Supplier Relationships Improve collaborative Client Quote Generation

Manufacturing companies that operate their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes so that Supplier Relationships are collaborative, data-driven, strategic alliances improve client quote generation. They are lean, strong, agile supplier relationships that aren’t siloed to strict, expensive parameters. They develop with trust and time through trans-formative iterations that eliminate unnecessary processes so your quotes aren’t ambiguous and give…

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Improving Supplier Relationships With Efficient P2P Processes

Supplier relationships are highly dependent on the procure-to-pay (P2P) architecture that you have in place. Efficient P2P processes can build and improve your supplier relationships. The traditional architecture uses a combination of paper documents and ERP systems. The goal is to streamline a workflow by digitizing a portion of the procurement process. The problem is…

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How Improving Your Supplier Relationships Helps Client Quote Generation

Supplier relationships often dictate how effective your business actually operates. When you have sound and efficient supplier relationships, you get the supplies and services that you need quickly and affordably. When you’re relationships are on shaky ground, it results in bigger problems for your operations. Many of these problems will also start to impact your…

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Agile vs Scrum Waterfall

Defining Waterfall-Scrum Workflows for Your P2P Process – Part 2

Let’s take our definitions of waterfall-agile scrum workflows and incorporate them into the P2P process. Part 1 of “Defining Waterfall-Scrum Workflows for Your P2P Process” introduced one facet of the P2P process–invoice cost–and gave a brief overview of what each of the waterfall and agile (scrum) workflows were separately and how to think of them…

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Defining Waterfall-Scrum Workflows for Your P2P Process – Part I

It’s no secret that manual Procure-to-Pay (P2P) costs sap efficiency and drain budgets. When supplier invoice approval and processing lags, it’s tough to get requisitions in on time, checked against contracts and paid. Automating your P2P processes and refining workflows are critical for efficiency, reducing waste, and for tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs). “More…

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Improving Supplier Relationships

P2P Architecture That Aligns BPI Solutions with Scalable Supplier Relationships

Traditional Procure-to-Pay (P2P) architecture based on both paper documents and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems attempt to streamline workflows by digitizing the procurement process. This often results in unnecessary complexity as fragmented data isn’t efficiently integrated into those company P2P workflows, limiting data analytics and employee confidence in managing exceptions. This isn’t particularly conducive to…

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A123 Case Study

QAD Spring MWUG Presentation: A123 Systems Case Study – Integrating QAD EAM and Procurement

Download the presentation: A case study on procurement; ‘How to’ control Maverick Spend and the integration that ISS Group and QAD User A123 Systems developed between iPurchase® and the QAD EAM module for the primary purpose of creating and tracking the spend against project budgets. It provides a detailed overview of the integration developed, the…

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Supplier Collaboration

Data-Driven Collaboration That Becomes Supplier Alliances

Building of Supplier Alliances: Supplier relationships operating in traditional, waterfall workflow silos are still common in manufacturing companies. The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes tend to follow strict parameters, with a flow that’s dependent on the preceding requirements. There’s no iteration. Any deviation from the path requires procedural approval that costs time and money. Following agile workflows…

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Supplier Relationship Improvement

Are you disengaged with your Suppliers…?

Reconfiguring Your Supplier Relationship Mindset Sometimes the tried-and-true becomes the tired-and-disengaged. Traditional Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tends to manage communication down a one-way street, from your company to the supplier. When supply runs low, your company orders, waits on signatures, approvals, and fulfillment schedules. Sales representatives visit your company on predetermined agendas. Drawn-out contract terms…

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Improve Supplier Relationships, NOW. Digitize and Simplify Supplier Related Transactions

In almost every business, internal transactions cover only part of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. Past a certain point, improving your own systems and records can only do so much when it comes to efficiency. If, for example, suppliers are not on the same page when it comes to purchasing and tracking, then it’s…

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Approval Routing

Imagine Replacing all Your Inefficient Approval Routing Processes with Something Better?

A Deeper Look at iApprove™ Capabilities – Approval Routing Processes with Something Better iApprove is one of the most powerful and comprehensive tools within the ISS Group’s Business Procurement Optimization software solution suite. A configurable rules-based Approval Routing and Buyer Alert solution, iApprove utilizes the ISS Group Advanced Approval Routing Technology (AART™) for routing of Approvals…

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Approval Control

Approval Routing: Hardwiring Approval Control into your Procure-to-Pay Workflow

Building the perfect procurement strategy takes careful consideration and planning. It’s a process that can take years of hard lessons learned and refining. Don’t overlook Approval Control into your Procure-to-Pay Workflow. Once you have everything tweaked to suit the needs of your operation, rolling out your approval process is the final piece that brings your…

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Core Steps of Procure-to-Pay

Presentation on Procure-to-Pay for QAD at Fall MWUG: How Somero Enterprises saved Thousands!

Digitize these 7 Key Process Activities   Download the presentation on the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process for QAD EA, presented by Sean Brown, IT Manager at Somero Enterprises, at the MWUG Conference October 9th in Grand Rapids, MI. To a packed session, Sean discussed what P2P is and the benefits of ‘Simplifying’ the Procure-to-Pay Process, reviewing…

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P2P Automation

Automation for Every Step of the Procure-to-Pay Process

Automation for Every Step of the Procure-to-Pay Process Adapting your organization to the modern business climate means automating and integrating your work flow. Automation saves valuable hours of manual work and lowers the cost of production for companies. Integration makes insight-rich information more readily available for making informed business decisions. That’s the accepted theory that’s behind the ongoing mass-migration to cloud-based,…

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Procurement Compliance

How Procure to Pay Solutions Drive Corporate Controls and Compliance for Modern Organizations

In the procurement space, organizational compliance, and adhering to strict spending caps is a challenge. Occasional noncompliance may seem harmless, but overspending becomes a problem when the economy becomes more volatile. We build spending caps into our work flow to avoid vulnerability to major swings in the economy, not for marginal profit padding when the…

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P2P Process

Simplicity…! Procurement Transparency and Efficiency with our P2P Solution

The Procure to Pay Process demands a huge amount of resources. Just putting together the basic pieces – RFQs, contract management, payment processing, and filing documentation – requires dedicated staff and a variety of software solutions. Add on top of that spending caps, regulatory compliance, and data collection for executive decisions and you get the…

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Innovation: Core benefits of ‘Simplifying’ Business Processes

Business Process Improvement (BPI) software solutions can propel your organization forward by combatting redundant work, increasing productivity, and motivating team members. BPI focuses on the business requirements of processes and uses technology to make it simpler while it also increases efficiency and allows for better collaboration of shared resources. At ISS, our goal is to…

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Why Automating Your Procure-to-Pay Process Empowers Your Organization

Procure-to-Pay Process Digitizing your procure-to-pay (P2P) process with “real-time, out-of-the-box” BPI solutions like ISS Group’s iPurchase™ and iVoucher™ optimizes your company’s P2P process and streamlines your operations. These cloud and web-based solutions integrate with most leading ERP systems and comes standard with QAD Enterprise Applications to take your organization to the next level in purchasing compliance,…

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Approval Routing

Are Approval Routing Issues Stagnating Your Company’s Manufacturing Efficiency and Productivity?

Dynamic Approval Routing Improves Efficiency and Productivity across the Enterprise Intrinsic to any product management lifecycle is its approval process. Slow sign-offs not only interrupt workflow controls, but delay entire manufacturing processes. ISS Group’s iApprove™ approval routing solution circumvents such delays so the right people sign off on the right forms at the right time.…

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AP Automation

The Future of Procure to Pay | Approval Routing Procurement and AP Automation

In past blog posts, we’ve spoken about not ‘Getting caught in the Rearview mirror’. Today, more and more businesses are discovering the benefits of shortening and improving the Procure to Pay (P2P) cycle by implementing an Approval Routing Purchase Requisition (Procurement) and AP Automation solution – end-to end P2P. We can show you how best-in-class companies are harnessing…

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Quote to cash with iquote

Drowning In Inefficiency? iQuote® Improves Your Quote-to-Cash Process

ISS Group’s web-based, iQuote® BPI software rids your company of the interdepartmental silos and disparate tools that notoriously create a lack of cohesiveness and functionality in your quote-to-cash process. Simplify. Drowning in inefficient processes doesn’t help your quote-to-cash ratio. iQuote‘s out-of-the-gate, bolt-on ERP system harnesses real-time QAD EA integration with powerful, configurable, rules-based workflow technology that gives you real-time control over pricing, discounts, internal…

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Purchase Requisition Management System

Purchase Requisition Management System iPurchase Takes Procurement to the Next Level

iPurchase® is a web-based Purchase Requisition Management System that includes ”out-of-the-box’ real-time integration with QAD Enterprise Applications. You don’t need to change systems in order to get the optimization you need. iPurchase® bolts right on to your existing ERP and synthesizes it with the cloud for on-the-go, on-the-spot seamless integration that reduces unnecessary spending and creates trust…

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Silhouettes of business partners moving gears inside an office

Innovation: Advancing Collaboration Through Business Process Improvement Solutions

Traditional human-centric collaboration involves employees working together, most often face-to-face, toward a common goal, sharing knowledge that evolves an issue toward some vested resolution. Collaboration infused with Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions takes that human-centric process and advances it into solutions that are both digitally innovative and collaborative. The resulting new paradigm engineers a co-creation…

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Businesswoman Looks Up At Red Ladder Extending Into The Clouds

Innovation: Synthesizing the Core Benefits of Your Current ERP with BPI Cloud Solutions

If your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system hasn’t migrated to the cloud yet, you may not be getting the synthesis, integration, and optimization your enterprise needs to make those manufacturing and distribution decisions that keep your company competitive and growing in the 21st century marketplace. Along with innovative business process improvements solutions (BPI) that…

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Improve efficiency, visibility & control with a paperless automated Procure-to-Pay system…!

How much can your enterprise save with an efficient, paperless and automated Procure-to-Pay system? Well it’s been quite a busy two-week period since the Spring 2017 QAD MWUG conference, and we would like to thank all the people who took the time to visit our booth and talk with us about their Business Process Improvement…

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Electronic Procurement: The First Step in Digitizing the Procure-to-Pay Process – Part 3

In today’s world, ‘Innovation’ is the key to success…! What does a developer and manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems for transportation and other commercial and industrial applications, and a manufacturer of catheters and scaffolding material to treat hernias and vaginal prolapses have in common…??? Both knew that it was essential, and no longer…

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Electronic Procurement: The First Step in Digitizing the Procure-to-Pay Process – Part 2

In today’s world, ‘Innovation’ is the key to success…! Part 1 of Electronic Procurement we discussed a ‘Quick Return on Investment’, and ‘Noticeable reductions in costs’. In Part 2 of this 3-part series, you will continue to learn why digitizing your procurement process is no longer a luxury, but essential in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process for reducing costs…

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Electronic Procurement: The First Step in Digitizing the Procure-to-Pay Process – Part 1

In today’s world, ‘Innovation’ is the key to success…! In this 3-part series, you will learn why digitizing your procurement process is no longer a luxury, but essential in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process for reducing costs and optimizing spend management. Digital transformation is the talk of the town, or should we say industry. You read about it,…

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QAD Community – BPI: ‘Seamless’ AP Automation and Procurement

ERP is far from a Static Space. Don’t get caught in the rearview mirror…! “While very often attention focuses on the latest, sexiest, hottest and most disruptive technology, it is still important to understand the impact of the software that actually runs the business”, such as AP Automation, Procurement…end to end Procure-to-Pay, states Cindy Jutras…

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You don’t need ‘Super Powers’ to help your business implement Business Process Improvement Solutions for QAD !

There is a lot of noise in the technology world, and this noise can make things confusing. It’s especially true for the non-geeks, who would prefer to focus on their business and just take advantage of Business Process Improvement technology to move their work forward. You’ve likely heard such terms as “BPM,”, “BPI”, “Approval Workflow”, “AP…

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Improve Your QAD P2P Process: End-to-End P2P Boosts Efficiency‎

Special Offer Minimum savings of over $10,000! * According to Aberdeen Group, “…despite the availability of technology that can drastically reduce the mountains of paperwork and inefficiencies plaguing accounts payable, few companies have addressed their end-to-end P2P process like other processes essential to their business. HOWEVER, 58% of Best in Class companies invest in ‘Approvals’ in PO requisition, invoice…

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Digital Transformation: Process Automation and ‘Procurement’ for QAD

In today’s competitive business environment, even small and medium sized companies are investing in Digital Transformation via process automation in efforts to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and maintain customer satisfaction. The universal directive to businesses to “do more with less” is being increasingly satisfied through the application of software. According to a 2015 report by Gartner,…

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QAD Users: Digital Transformation and Approval Based Workflow

Digital Transformation is forcing organizations to quickly deploy and adapt processes to meet the tactical and strategic demands required by the business.  Organizations not only need to find a way to circumvent the traditional approaches to technology implementation, but they also need solutions that are more intuitive and utilize user-configurable rules-driven approval workflow; offering a more…

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QAD Users: Digital Transformation and Sales Quote Management

New trends in technology, delivery systems, and customer expectations are driving companies in every industry to reevaluate how they deliver value to their Customers. You’re Sales Quoting process is a critical component when communicating with your customer, sales department, management and key internal staff. Collaboration and visibility is essential, and having a solid, robust Sales…

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QAD Users: Digital Transformation and the Procure to Pay Process

In this new age of Digital Transformation, organizations today understand the importance of a seamless Procure to Pay process. This process governs how an organization fulfills its day to day needs from suppliers, supported by easy-to-use requisition/ordering systems, approval workflows and reimbursement systems. It ‘closes the procurement loop’ as it enhances compliance to procurement contracts…

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QAD User Improves Sales Performance with Digital Transformation…!

Recently, one of our Clients went live with our iQuote 2.0 Solution and experienced significant value ‘out of the gate’…! They took ISS Group’s iQuote 2.0 Digital Transformation Solution ‘live’ at their largest annual trade conference (yes, a bit risky) and utilizing this solution, booked more business than any previous year they had been to this conference. In fact,…

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The Secret of Digital Transformation (Presentation Download)

In recent communications we’ve focused on Digital Transformation and the necessity of moving this agenda forward in your organization, or being faced with falling behind with your competitors. Let’s take Walt Disney Company for example. According to Cap Gemini, Technology (Digital Transformation) has dramatically changed the landscape at this entertainment giant. Everything from your dining…

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Web Presentation: What’s after Explore 2016? Digital Transformation!

    Explore 2016 is over…Did you learn about Digital Transformation and how EIM (Enterprise Information Management) class of technologies when integrated with your organization’s QAD ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system creates an environment for Digital Transformation…? According to The Aberdeen Group the implementation of these solutions are critical for your organization to stay competitive in today’s business…

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QAD – Extend your ERP ROI with Digital Transformation

Your customers, your products, your business operations, and your competitors are fundamentally digital. Both business leaders and technology innovators must transform to a thoroughly digital business or face becoming digital prey; this according to a survey performed by Gartner, Inc.   DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION brings these groups together to help you collaborate and successfully transform your…

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Agile BPI / What can your organization do during an economic downturn…?

Leading organizations are rarely satisfied with sitting tight and watching the grass grow under their feet. They are continuously looking for ways to improve and increase their competitive advantage. During an economic downturn these companies, some of them your competitors, will be looking to sharpen their business processes and adopt technology based solutions such as…

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Agile BPI / How do you solve business process problems in your organization?

Talk to us…! At ISS Group we recognized the need for Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions over two decades ago, and today, ISS Group ‘specializes‘ in delivering to the QAD EA community Agile BPI solutions. Over the past few months you may have seen our posts on LinkedIn or performed a search on Google (see below), as we’ve…

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Agile BPI / Does Maverick Spend Undermine your Indirect Spend ? Part II

In Part I of this series, “Does Maverick Spend Undermine your Indirect Spend“, we discussed how being a maverick can sometimes be good in business, but ‘not’ when it comes to procurement. Maverick spending is a major challenge for finance professionals, with recent studies showing that, on average, one-third of all purchases in organizations are…

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Agile BPI / Does Maverick Spend Undermine your Indirect Spend…? Part I

How does a Maverick affect your organizations bottom line?   Being a maverick can sometimes be good in business, but not when it comes to procurement. Maverick spending is a major challenge for finance professionals, with recent studies showing that, on average, one-third of all purchases; specifically Indirect Spend within organizations are made without the…

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Agile BPI / Controlling Maverick Spend through Supplier Compliance

In past blog entries related to Maverick Spend, we’ve really only discussed spend compliance and process compliance from an internal viewpoint, but suppliers (Supplier Compliance) are also part of the equation. When buyers use spend analytics to identify non-compliance, many root causes tie back to suppliers, such as: incorrect catalog/PO pricing relative to contracts incorrect…

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Agile BPI / QAD EA: Unmanaged Spend has created a Crisis

The challenge: Unmanaged Spend The Gartner Group states that ‘Maverick Spend’, or uncontrolled spend…at times referred to as Tail Spend, often falls below the radar of enterprise procurement policies because the transactions that constitute it are relatively small. Yet, cumulatively, these maverick transactions form a substantial sum. In many cases, enterprises are spending more in…

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Agile BPI / QAD EA Users: How does automated approval routing help control Maverick Spend?

‘Maverick spend’ is the expense resulting from purchases made within an organization by circumventing pre-established procurement policies and other standard corporate procedures. Such rogue spending and lack of automation can cause serious losses to a company’s bottom line. As illustrated by data from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in procurement, organizations that do not take steps…

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Agile BPI / How does Supplier Catalog Management and Supplier Contracts help control Maverick Spend?

According to ProcurementBulletin (PB), a web magazine devoted to helping supply chain professionals stay informed, eighty-five percent (85%) of maverick buying (uncontrolled buying) is not uncommon. In other words, very few companies have an e-Procurement system that captures the benefits of a sourcing initiative, for example contract usage and compliance. The result is maverick buying…

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Agile BPI / Cost Savings – A priority in today’s economy!

Prime Advantage, a buying consortium for midsized manufacturers headquartered in Chicago, with 750 member companies and more than 125 endorsed suppliers announced the findings of its 14th edition of the Purchasing and Manufacturing Survey, revealing financial projections and procurement insights from more than 750 U.S. manufacturing companies. One of their key findings of the survey:…

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Avery Dennison | Project Snapshot | Sales Quote Management and Workflow

Project Snapshot About the Customer Avery Dennison (Avery) is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions. The company’s applications and technologies are an integral part of products used in every major market and industry. With operations in more than 50 countries and 25,000 employees worldwide, Avery Dennison serves customers with insights and innovations…

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Business Process Improvement | MWUG Fall 2015 | 13 – 15 September

Bronze Sponsor Join us at our booth at the QAD Midwest Users Group (MWUG) and learn more about our Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions. See how the 21st Century organization through Process Digitization™ utilizes today’s connectivity technology and communication channels, specifically the Internet (or Cloud), Mobile Devices, and Social networks, together with Rules-based Business Process Improvement Technology transform business…

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Agile BPI / Creation of Business Rules for Approval Routing and Workflow

Why is configuring YOUR companies Business Rules within an Approval and Workflow solution important to you and your organization? – Automate Policy – Enforce Process Control – Reduce Communication Lag – Standardize Procedures Automatic routing and approval of business rules give you operational efficiency as well as an audit trail and record keeping.  Approvers can…

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Agile BPI / Getting Results! Process Metrics and they how help to Improve Performance

As companies seek to improve their performance in driving savings and increasing efficiencies, Process Metrics serves as a powerful tool for measuring a company’s business processes for optimized performance. Supply Chain and IT professionals can better understand the relative effectiveness of their efforts and find areas of opportunity to improve upon, for savings and future…

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Agile BPI / Agile workflow can create more flexibility in controlling BPM

Workflow flexibility and agility on a global scale, knowledge work redesign, and workflow speed are the way organizations can maintain an agile workflow and survive this decade, according to Harvard Business Review. An agile business process improvement and workflow helps organizations control their business processes. For example, a company that rents equipment can avoid hidden costs due to…

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Agile BPI / Caterpillar versus butterfly in business process management

The old way – business process management – moved at the speed of a caterpillar, resulting in methodically and bureaucratically slow solutions. Today’s Agile business process improvement is more like a butterfly – able to move in any direction that will produce the best and fastest results. Here’s what we know today about Agile BPI versus traditional business…

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Recorded Demo – iPurchase 2015 Mobile: Bringing your Office On-the-Road

New for 2015…! iPurchase Mobile Functionality is Process Improvement…! iPurchase Mobile Functionality Your work-force is Mobile…so is iPurchase. In the recorded presentation below we will show you how you can improve Purchase Requisition Cycle Time and Efficiency by bringing the office On-the-Road. Using iPurchase Mobile can keep the approval chain moving even when approvers are…

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What exactly are Agile BPI Solutions?

Agile as defined by Merriam Webster, is the ability to move quickly and easily; smart, and clever. Agile BPI Solutions are software applications designed to be implemented quickly and cost effectively utilizing the Cloud, Mobile Devices, Social Media, and Rules-based Workflow Technology to improve a specific business process and deliver an ROI within only a…

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ISS Group & Easy Access Team-up to Improve the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Process

Morristown, NJ, 2015—ISS Group (ISSG), a developer of Cloud-based Business Process Improvement (BPI) software solutions for Mid-market and Fortune 1000 Manufacturing organizations, and Easy Access, a developer and services provider of financial solutions, have developed a strategic alliance in a continuing effort for both organizations to deliver a full suite of solutions to their Clients…

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QAD Users: Grab the elevator ride to the Internet of Things

Most of us are on the ground floor of the Internet of Things (IoT). Samsung, Gartner, GE, a few others have started the climb, but plenty of companies don’t know which button to push. I can help you with this: start with Process Digitization. Transforming your company’s business processes from analog to digital will leverage 21st Century technology, connecting you to stakeholders…

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Are you aware of Maverick Spend in your organization…?

Despite having formal procurement processes, many organizations have staff members who continue to engage in ‘maverick spend’ practices—circumventing standard procedures to procure material from Suppliers who have not been formally approved by their Purchasing department resulting in higher material and purchasing process costs as well as inefficiencies in order processing and material delivery. According to…

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eProcurement: as essential as your smart phone!

By the end of 2014, eProcurement is a definite Must-Have. eProcurement has transformed enterprises, improving corporate efficiency and collaboration with just skeletal staff. Web-based solutions make deployment to hundreds of users quick and simple. Utilization is quick – leading to rapid ROI. eCommerce shopping with your major suppliers, supplier catalog management, and rules-based approval routing are…

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QAD User Organization MTF Improves Integration to Their Suppliers

    QAD User Organization MTF Improves Integration to Their Suppliers, Digitizing the Purchasing Process to Reduce Cycle Time and Improve Supplier Relationships Morristown, NJ Challenge: The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) is a non-profit service organization dedicated to providing clinically sound, safe allograft tissue. They are comprised of a national consortium of academic medical institutions,…

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It’s not just the paper! Cost of managing paper? $7,500 per worker

The cost of managing paper! Companies spend more than $200 billion each year on office paper expenditures. Digitizing business processes to connect people via the Cloud, mobile devices, and social networks can improve overall corporate efficiency. There is the money saved on paper – some 10,000 pages a year per office worker. But more importantly, companies…

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Big challenge: Managing large differences at the border

As the Harvard Business Review notes in a classic paper on global manufacturing strategy, the chief goal is to manage large differences at the border. Manufacturers can do this through global process standardization. Are you confident in your company’s process standardization? Collaboration with ISS and its Business Process Orientation Benchmarking Assessment is one way to…

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Improving Process Cycle Time improves Supply Chain Performance

Improve Process Cycle Time by utilizing Internet Connectivity Technology If you analyze the performance of your organization’s various business processes you will spot several roadblocks that can hamper productivity. These often involve time-sensitive communications between individuals and trading Partners, the routing and distribution of critical documents, and the enforcement of your organization’s approval policy which is…

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Integrated Business Process Automation suite and rules-based Workflow solution for the QAD ERP Community

ISS Group and MaxRecall Technologies form Strategic Alliance offering an integrated Business Process Automation suite and rules-based Workflow solution to the QAD ERP Community ISS Group continues to strengthen and expand its core Business Process Improvement solutions portfolio using AART™; their innovative Approval Routing and Workflow technology, with the Document Management, Data Capture and EDI…

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What is Procure to Pay Optimization…?

Procure to Pay Optimization: As your company looks to move beyond just “procurement” and into a complete supply chain system, one of the key challenges is to find ways to improve efficiency in the procure-to-pay (P2P) business cycle especially in the area of facilities maintenance, production machine repair, field service, business supplies, and on-site contracts for…

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Business Process Optimization (BPO) Services for the QAD ERP Community

ISS Group & JK Data Analytics Form Strategic Partnership Offering Business Process Optimization (BPO) Services to the QAD ERP Community ISS Group continues to strengthen and expand its core Business Process Improvement solutions portfolio using AART®; their innovative Approval Routing and Workflow technology, with Business Process Engineering services performed by JK Data Analytics. Middletown, NJ (PRWEB)…

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