Business Process Engineering

Business Process Engineering (BPE) uses a proven systematic approach based on the latest experiences and research to achieve significant improvements. The BPE process helps clients fundamentally rethink and reinvent the business processes needed to achieve the firm’s strategic objectives through the maximum use of enabling technologies and organizational strategies. A BPE effort can result in 15% to 50% improvement in performance of the targeted business processes, depending upon whether a reengineering or an improvement approach is used in the effort.

The following is an example of this approach:

A large Canadian energy company working in the harshest of environments in Northern Alberta was experiencing a lack of “collaboration” with their rental supplier, resulting in the majority of rental transactions being emergency orders versus being well planned and reliably executed.

For companies that rent equipment, managing the process to avoid the hidden costs is critical. Costs due to:

  • late equipment returns,
  • under-utilized equipment when on rent, and
  • the purchase of equipment that has been lost or stolen,

During a business process investigation, we found a lack of communication and collaboration.  Renting companies generally do not share their forecast requirements with their suppliers, while rental equipment suppliers rarely share their equipment availability with their customers.

We helped the client design and implement a new collaborative process by using a web-based Rental Equipment Management System (REMS) and process to address the problem. The Canadian energy company recognized a 700% ROI in the first year of operation.